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24 hours – 24 tweets – 24 twitterers – 24 hopefully interesting things.

In a new and completely user-generated feature, No School Like Old School takes a day-long snapshot of the internet (11am 16/03/10 – 11am 17/03/10) and relays them straight into your face.

Kylie Minogue (@kylieminogue)
Current loves…new SIA album (produced by Greg Kurstin) and Florence (as in Machine)…yeeeeeEESS!! Playing them both this morning 🙂 (cc. 10:15am GMT 17/3)
I’ve been hearing good things about the new Sia too, Kylie; nice to know you’ve got taste. As for Florence, yeah I still like that album even though it’s absolutely everywhere.

Liverpool Twestival (@lpooltwestival)
Well done @Man_get_out on WINNING the Glastonbaby Battle of The Bands last night-they’re playing Liverpool Twestival next week-buy a ticket! (cc.9:50am GMT 17/3)
Local band who won a battle of the bands at Liverpool’s Baby Blue last night. Worth looking out for in’t future.

Peter Serafinowicz (@serafinowicz)
RT @serafinowicz HOT CHIP: ‘I Feel Better’ (cc. 8:20am GMT 17/3)
Peter Serafinowicz (of Shaun of the Dead fame) directs the new Hot Chip video, and he’s been tweeting frantically about it for the past few weeks. File under ‘C’ for ‘Crap that’s Creepy’.

Ross Noble (@realrossnoble)
The Hardest thing for the homeless sleeping rough is time travelers stealing your clothes when they arrive naked from the future I imagine (cc. 6:30am GMT 17/3)
…that miraculously fit them.

Listen B4 You Buy blog (@ListenB4YouBuy)
I too lol’ed. >>>> RT @FUCKNOISEROCK: RT @mattandkim: a Public Service Announcement from Matt and Kim [lol] (cc.6:00am GMT 17/3)
I didn’t. But you might.

The Daily Swarm (@thedailyswarm)
Jay-Z & Jack White Record Track Together… (cc.5:40am GMT 17/3)
Sounds good. May I point out the, ahem, ‘striped’ record with Alicia Keys?

Chromewaves (@fyang)
I can see other peoples’ iTunes library over the network at the Hampton. My neighbours have some terrible taste. (cc.3:40am GMT 17/3)
I’ve had this too. Although I did listen to Biffy Clyro’s The Vertigo of Bliss this way once, so not all bad.

Absolute (@absolutepunk)
News: Four Year Strong Hit the Charts (cc. 12:45am GMT 17/3)
Their new album is excellent stuff, well worth a listen.

You’re dead. What song do you want playing at your funeral? (cc.10:00pm GMT 16/3)
Nothing by HEALTH, sorry lads.

Crawdaddy (@crawdada)
This is amazing. 36 Music blogs from 36 countries giving out 36 free songs. Some fascinating music to hear! (cc. 7:30pm GMT 16/3)
Link overload vol. 1.

Boing (@BoingBoing)
New Freddy Kruger movie promo seems to take notes from War on Terror (cc. 7:20pm GMT 16/3)
First signs emerge that the new Nightmare on Elm Street reboot may well be a bag of wank. Shoddily conceived and poorly constructed flash games on movie websites invariably point to a low standard of filmmaking, almost purely via their straw-clutching PR approach. (@idolator)
PHOTOS: The 12 worst pop star @Wikipedia page pics @keshasuxx you might want to change yours. (cc.5:30pm GMT 16/3)
Brilliant idea, I feel a regular/ad hoc feature coming on. My favourites are Vampire Weekend at the opposite end of a field and Leona Lewis, seconds before a deranged fan punches her in the face.

Alexis Petridis (@alexispetridis)
Dear bloke on 16:10 to Brighton with The Pogues at immense volume on your iPod. On the off-chance you’re reading this: TURN IT DOWN, YOU DIV (cc.4:50pm GMT 16/3)
Twitter comes of age like a motherfucker, via former Drowned in Sound editor.

New Music Tipsheet (@tipsheet)
Watch New MASSIVE ATTACK (+Damon Albarn) Video (3:59pm GMT 16/3)
Broken by Pitchfork last night actually, but handily enough cropped up twice in my edit. Really bloody weird video. A different weird to the Hot Chip video though; more a face-screwing Metal Gear Solid-style question mark above head weird. The song’s a bit incidental, and I must confess I’m not much of a fan of the short film it soundtracks.

Slash from Guns n’ Roses (@Slash) Pre-orders for my solo record just went up on Amazon & itunes, sweet! (3:57pm GMT 16/3)
I’m torn somewhere between ‘this will be awesome’ and ‘this will be abysmal’; there is no middle ground.

This is Fake (@thisisfakediy)
Videos: Devendra Banhart – Baby (3:49pm GMT 16/3)
You’ve probably seen this a fair few times already, but it’s pretty cool, both the song and clip. Stranger than the Yeasayer video for One? Discuss.

Spin Magazine (@SPINmagazine)
EXCLUSIVE: @thisisryanross & @iamjonwalker of Panic! At The Disco premiere new @TheYoungVeins song! (cc. 3:00pm GMT 16/3)
Quickly became less exclusive. Possibly don’t tweet about it if you want something to remain exclusive. Good work initially nonetheless. The song’s a bit meh, yeah. To make a controversial statement, I actually like Panic!’s first album.

Drowned in Sound Newsfeed (@DiSfeed)
News: Listen: Holy Fuck – ‘Latin America’ (2:22pm GMT 16/3)
If you’re interested.

Dave Gorman (@DaveGorman)
I know I cld’ve just put the darts in there for a photo.But I didn’t.I threw them.From the oche.My2nd ever 180 (2:20pmGMT 16/3)
Dave Gorman throws 180.

The 405 (@The405) I (Oliver) have no hand in The 405 Podcast BUT I’m very proud of what Aaron has created it’s amazing (1:56pm GMT, 16/3)
And rightly so. Be sure to check out The 405, both my contributions and otherwise.

Pitchfork (@pitchforkmedia)
The Flaming Lips’ Wayne Coyne shows up on “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” (1:40 GMT 16/3)
Just when you thought the guy surely could not get any weirder after the whole Google Street View thing, he pulls it out of the bag. Gawd bless you, sirrah.

NME (@NMEmagazine)
Jedward dropped after one single – Daily Gossip (cc.1:20pm GMT 16/3)
Finally sense prevails. I realise that yesterday’s biggest music story was Sony’s record deal allowing them to release Michael Jackson’s unheard back catalogue, but that’s quite frankly somewhat dry. I’d much rather read about Bez vomiting on himself; what a hero.

The Music Ninja (@themusicninja)
20 MUSIC BLOGGERS (myself included) UNITE to provide you with the best source of music news and mp3’s Check out (12:30am GMT 16/3)
Link overload, vol. 2.

Greg Puciato from The Dillinger Escape Plan (@GregPuciato)
By the way…head over to to stream our new album. If you dig it, pick up a copy on the 23rd. Goodnight. (cc. 11:00am GMT 16/3)
Do that actually, I’m on the final stretch of reviewing it for The 405 and it’s just the usual from Dillinger Esc Plan; stunning.


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