Tall Ships – Tall Ships EP [At The 405]

“Yes it’s supposed to be random, yes it’s supposed to be kitsch; but this isn’t Frontier fucking Psychiatrist so it doesn’t work.”
Tall Ships – Tall Ships EP review at The 405

My review of Tall Ships’ debut self-titled EP has been up for some time on The 405 without me realising. So apologies for the rather lengthy silence, but I have plenty of things in the pipeline. I was relatively disappointed with Tall Ships, I must say; Books is tremendous, but nothing else quite lives up to the hype. Whilst I was writing this review, the BBC came to essentially the same conclusion, big thumbs up for Books but conspicuous silence over the remainder of the EP. Anyway, well worth a listen and their next move should be interesting.

Incidentally you might want to check out The 405’s rather tasty Good Friday Mixtape before gorging yourself to death on hot cross buns and chocolate eggs. Is The Sun Smells Too Loud the best thing Mogwai have ever done? Contentious, but it’s far and away the most danceable track they’ve ever produced; I bloody loves it I do.

Tall Ships – Tall Ships EP review at The 405
Tall Ships on Myspace


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