“I mistakenly listened to the record with my iPod on random and didn’t notice the bloody difference. I struggle to think of another album where you could listen to the whole thing in a different order and simply not realise.”
DISAPPEARS – LUX review at The 405

As ratios go, Disappointment in Album Following Impressive First Track is not a good one to rate highly on. Unfortunately, the shoutily-named DISAPPEARS (I feel the almost-constant desire to refer to them as DISA-BLOODY-PPEARS!) do just that, with a record that simply diminishes from its opening track onwards. Gone Completely is seriously very, very good and I’m pretty sure I’ll still think that over the months to come. Its fluid blues-based riff over a chugging, staccato rhythm chord progression and whacking great clod-hopping drums with rambled lyrical barkings was like Glasvegas gone right. Then the rest of LUX is even worse than Glasvegas.

Anyways, please still check out my review at The 405, which I’m linking to on the day it was actually published for a change! Gone Completely is more than worth investigation on the band’s Myspace, which as usual is linked below…

DISAPPEARS – LUX review at The 405


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