‘Just Dance’ and ‘Telephone’ as Two Sides of the Same Coin

“Beyoncé’s costume near the Telephone video’s climax as she and Gaga dance amongst their victim’s corpses is strongly reminiscent of Wonder Woman, a literal Überwoman embodying all of the strongest character suits of the female gender.”
– Just Dance and Telephone as Two Sides of the Same Coin’

I’m conflicted when it comes to Lady Gaga. In chronological order of her singles here in the UK, I was reasonably partial to the giddy thrills of Just Dance. I believed Poker Face to be an appalling song partially because, to quote Wikipedia, “lyrically ‘Poker Face’ is about sex and gambling”. Well duh. Bit too literal thanks. I wasn’t even aware that Love Game had been released as a single until about ten seconds ago. I really, really liked Paparazzi, but I suspect that’s probably because it does a more than passable Gwen Stefani impression. Bad Romance is actually one of those songs that is just innately fantastic, and I can’t believe anybody would find its irresistible tripartite structure anything less than pop perfection. Then came Telephone. Initially at least I thought, ‘This is crap, it’s Just Dance warmed up in the microwave. Surely people can see through this? It’s the same song!’. Which got me thinking about it, and slowly, slowly, slowly I came around to the idea that Stefani Germanotta only bloody well knows what she’s doing.

Which is when I came across Gaga Stigmata, a website dedicated to critical art and writings on the subject of Lady Gaga, and was formulating a theory that Just Dance and Telephone were in fact two sides of one coin. They both deal with similar emotions and situations from a different point of view, Just Dance from that of emotion and feelings, and Telephone from a more considered perspective. Whilst Telephone’s narrator decides that their partner is the source of their problems and reasons a conclusion, Just Dance jumps to that same conclusion in a single leap. Gaga Stigmata and the very lovely editor Meghan Vicks inspired me to write an article on that very subject.

This is what I’m interested in doing when it comes to music, philosophising about it, and criticising it in a high art manner. If you’d like to go and check my article out, that’d be fully awesome. I’ve also been informed that if there is enough interest, Gaga Stigmata may be published in printed form reasonably soon, so go and read whilst it’s free!

Just Dance and Telephone as Two Sides of the Same Coin’
Gaga Stigmata on Twitter


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